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Our Dedicated IT Experts Ensure the Success of Your Contract Workforce

Koncert’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) act as peers and leaders for your team of consultants to aid in the success of your initiatives. They help develop job descriptions, recruit and evaluate potential hires, define objectives and manage every aspect of candidate contracts, scheduling, progress, performance, reviews and more.

Our Subject Matter Experts team leaders not only save your organization money, but also free up the time and resources that you need to focus on your core business goals.
Our Team

Meet the Koncert 
Executive Leadership Team

Mahendra Vora

Founder & CEO

Amber Crawford

Executive Vice President

Cindy Reilley

Director of Sales & Marketing

Angie Schroeder

Program Director
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Koncert offers the next generation IT sourcing solutions. Utilizing our passion and expertise, Koncert will Save You Time, Money and Resources. Koncert will find you the right talent NOW from interns to executives. Talent sourcing is just the beginning, we offer detailed and expansive services to help you run your business efficiently and more successfully.
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