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Our Colors

We have 2 primary colors: orange, and black. These are used in most situations. 

We also have 4 supplemental brand colors that can be used in gradients, backgrounds, etc. 

HEX #F77004
RGB (247,112,4)
CMYK (0,53,95,3)
HEX #00091F
RGB (0,9,31)
CMYK (12,9,0,88)
RGB (249,179,3)
CMYK (0,27,96,2)
HEX #F62E03
RGB (246,46,3)
CMYK (0,78,95,4)
HEX #B1214D
RGB (177,33,77)
CMYK (0,81,56,31)
HEX #360254
RGB (54,3,84)
CMYK (36,98,0,67)



Oswald is our main brand font and is suitable for use in titles, headings, and subheadings.


Lato is our secondary brand font and is suitable for use in body text and paragraphs. 
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Koncert offers the next generation IT sourcing solutions. Utilizing our passion and expertise, Koncert will Save You Time, Money and Resources. Koncert will find you the right talent NOW from interns to executives. Talent sourcing is just the beginning, we offer detailed and expansive services to help you run your business efficiently and more successfully.
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