January 26, 2024

Navigating the Return to Office: Contingent Labor and the Impending Attrition Challenge

As organizations gear up for the return to office amid a post-pandemic landscape, they are faced with the complex task of managing their workforce effectively. One critical aspect of this challenge is the utilization of contingent labor and the potential impact on attrition rates. In this blog, we explore the dynamics between contingent labor and the return to office, shedding light on the factors that may contribute to increased attrition.

The Rise of Contingent Labor:

Contingent labor, comprising freelancers, temporary workers, and independent contractors, has been on the rise in recent years. Organizations have embraced this flexible workforce model for its ability to scale up or down based on project needs, cost-effectiveness, and access to specialized skills. However, as remote work became the norm during the pandemic, many companies increased their reliance on contingent workers to maintain agility in uncertain times.

The Return to Office Dilemma:

The return to the office introduces a new set of challenges for organizations, especially those with a significant contingent workforce. While some employees are eager to reconnect with colleagues and return to a semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy, others have grown accustomed to the flexibility of remote work. Contingent workers, in particular, may face a unique situation where their engagement is contingent on the organization's return-to-office policies.

Factors Contributing to Attrition:

  1. Flexibility Expectations: Contingent workers, having experienced the autonomy of remote work, may resist returning to a traditional office setting. If organizations fail to offer a balance between in-office and remote work, it could lead to attrition among contingent workers seeking more flexible arrangements.
  2. Competitive Talent Market: The job market is evolving, and skilled contingent workers have options. If organizations do not align their return-to-office strategies with the preferences of their contingent workforce, they risk losing talent to competitors who offer more accommodating work arrangements.
  3. Communication and Inclusion: Contingent workers may feel excluded or uninformed about the return-to-office plans compared to full-time employees. Clear communication and efforts to integrate contingent workers into the workplace culture are crucial in preventing feelings of alienation that could contribute to attrition.

Strategies for Mitigating Attrition:

Flexible Work Policies:

Organizations should establish flexible work policies that accommodate the preferences of both full-time and contingent workers. This may include hybrid work models, allowing employees to choose the most suitable work environment.

Communication and Transparency:

Transparent communication about return-to-office plans is essential. This includes addressing the concerns of contingent workers, providing clarity on expectations, and ensuring they feel valued as integral parts of the team.

Investing in Technology:

Leveraging technology to facilitate remote collaboration and communication can help bridge the gap between in-office and remote workers. This ensures that contingent workers remain connected and engaged, regardless of their physical location.


Successfully navigating the return to office with a contingent workforce requires a strategic and inclusive approach. Organizations that prioritize flexibility, communication, and transparency stand a better chance of mitigating attrition and retaining the valuable skills offered by their contingent labor. As the workplace continues to evolve, adaptability and a people-centric approach will be key to fostering a cohesive and resilient workforce.

Amber Crawford

I am honored to be the Executive Vice President of Koncert Technology Sourcing Solutions, a managed service provider offering Information Technology and Healthcare services to Fortune 500 companies. I have worked hard to make Koncert what it is today and I am proud of my accomplishments and achievements as a leader in this industry. My passion for creative problem-solving, coupled with my eye for detail, has enabled me to be successful in this role. Beyond work, I enjoy giving back to the local community through volunteering, attending live music events, and spending quality time with family.

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